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Answers to Madonna Audio Montage

Answers to the Madonna Audio Montage

1) Bad Girl
2) American Pie
3) Cherish
4) Express Yourself
5) Frozen
6) Get into the groove
7) Human Nature
8) Hung up
9) La Isla Bonita
10) Like a Prayer
11) Music
12) Like a Virgin
13) Papa don't Preach
14) Rain
15) Secret
16) Take a Bow
17) The Power of Goodbye
18) True Blue
19) Vogue
20) Who's that Girl
21) Lucky Star

I have the upmost respect for people who know their Madonna. Congrats to our winners, emiliachi and _penelope_j_ both with a perfect score.

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wow!!! that's hot :D

I love it and I'm gonna put it on my profile with my other one :D

thanks :DDDD
The worst part of all this is that I did have all the songs... :( what a piss off. I could've had one of those awards. *snif snif*

Anyways, maybe next time. ;)